Objectives of the Digitize!-survey

The Social Sciences conduct research on various social topics and issues and try to explain and understand them by means of theories.

In order to truly understand social phenomena or issues such as immigration, attitudes towards work, family or health, as well as opinions on political events or parties, research needs data.

For survey research such as that conducted in the Digitize! project, data in the form of survey responses is particularly relevant.

The goals of the Digitize! study are:

  • to survey the attitudes, opinions and perceptions of citizens in Austria on social issues
  • investigating changes in attitudes, opinions and perceptions over time
  • increasing the visibility and reach of survey results in politics and society
  • granting open access to anonymized survey results for the general public, according to the highest ethical and legal standards
  • to conduct high-quality survey research according to scientific quality criteria
  • continuous improvement of survey research in questionnaire designs, data collection and data analysis
  • generating new scientific knowledge based on empirical survey data
  • establishing a group of interested citizens for regular surveys (online panel in Austria)

Thank you all for contributing to this research by participating in one or more Digitize! surveys!